Don’t procrastinate, Pollinate!

Help A Hive

Here at Help A Hive, we are a small family ranch located in NorthWest Arkansas.  After living here for four years and never saw a honeybee on our land, we planted a large garden which didn’t produce as much as we had hoped.  After some research and asking questions, we were recommended to buy some bees to pollinate our veggie and flower plants. We started researching honeybees and gardening and the more we learned, the more interested we became!

Then we began to hear about people wanting honeybees for their gardens, but without the work to keep them.  We all need bees, but not everyone knows where to start or has the time to have them.

That’s when the idea for Help a Hive was born!  Don’t procrastinate, pollinate!

Help A Hive

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Rent honeybees

Skip the upkeep and get straight into the benefits of having honey bees visit your garden by renting bees from us.


Purchase Honeybees

Need some bees to take up permanent residence in your garden? We have bees for sale!


Shop Honey-based Products

Indulge in truly toxin-free, healthy skincare products featuring honey as an ingredient, candles, honey, pollen, propolis… and more…

Don’t Procrastinate… Pollinate

A Healthier Garden

Honeybees are important to our overall ecosystem, food production, and garden wellness. These busy little helpers, while crucial to our society, do take some effort and knowledge in caring for them. We are on a mission to help increase bee populations around the country, and to help better garden production through renting bees. Whether you’re in Arkansas, or on the other side of the world, you can help our mission and be recognized on our website for sponsoring a beehive.

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