We a small family ranch located in NorthWest Arkansas.  We had lived here since 2016, and during that time never saw a single honeybee on our land. 

In 2020, we planted a nice sized garden, which did not produce as much as we had hoped. It was suggested that we get some bees to pollinate our veggies and flowers. We started researching honeybees and gardening and the more we learned, the more interested we became!

Then we began to hear about people wanting honeybees for their gardens, but without the work to do so.  We all need bees but not everyone knows where to start or has the time to have them.

That’s when the idea for Help a Hive was born!  Don’t procrastinate, pollinate!

What we can help you with:

  • Rent bees 
  • Buy bees
  • Sponsor a hive
  • Buy honey (coming soon)

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