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Support our mission by sponsoring a beehive

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Help our mission raising bees, and raising awareness about beekeeping by sponsoring one of our beehives.

Beekeeping takes time, money, and special skills that not everyone has the patience or desire to learn. By sponsoring a beehive, you donation will help us continue our mission to raise bees naturally and sustainably, and provide bees to gardens in Arkansas where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to pollinate.

We care about our local community and their gardens and farms, so when you sponsor a hive, you can feel satisfied knowing you’re helping a small family farm increase the local honey bee population that will also support local farmers, and in turn helping to strengthen our local ecosystem through pollination… all through helping us provide a home for bees to live and thrive.


Benefits to Sponsoring A Beehive

  • If you’re local, come visit us and watch your bees in action
  • Receive special individual training on how the bees you sponsor are cared for
  • Be featured on our website


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